Injury and post-operative rehabilitation

At Better Pet Veterinary Physiotherapy I believe in the importance of prehabilitation, as well as injury and post-operative rehabilitation for your beloved pets. Veterinary physiotherapy provides specialised care that not only aids healing but also restores functional movement and strength to your furry companions, improving their recovery time and overall well-being.

In times of injury or following a surgical procedure, your pet’s world can be turned upside down. This is where our comprehensive rehabilitation programs step in to play an integral role in your pet’s recovery journey. Beyond just physical healing, our rehabilitation services encompass a range of benefits that are essential for your pet’s overall well-being:

Empowering Your Pet’s Recovery Through Prehabilitation

My prehabilitation services are designed to proactively strengthen your pet’s physical condition before a scheduled surgery. By enhancing muscle tone, joint flexibility, and overall fitness, prehabilitation can lead to a smoother surgery, faster recovery, and improved postoperative outcomes.


Your Pet’s Personalised Rehabilitation Journey

At Better Pet Veterinary Physiotherapy, I recognise that each pet’s needs are unique. At every session I will undertake a comprehensive assessment, considering factors like the type of injury, surgical procedure, and your pet’s specific condition. This assessment forms the foundation of a customised rehabilitation plan that caters to your pet’s individual requirements. I offer a diverse range of rehabilitation services, each tailored to address specific needs:

Choosing rehabilitation for your pet is more than just a step – it’s a leap toward a brighter, healthier future. By investing in your pet’s rehabilitation, you’re making a commitment to their happiness and well-being.

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