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Since graduating with a BSc (Hons) Veterinary Physiotherapy degree from the Royal Agricultural University, I'm making it my mission to help your pets!


I am a fully qualified and insured veterinary physiotherapist registered with IRVAP and a member of the AHPR. I am passionate about improving animal welfare whilst advocating multimodal management strategies for a variety of conditions.


When I'm not helping your pets, I'm spending time with my own! As a pet owner, I understand how important our four-legged companions are to our families. I also understand that recognising signs they are struggling and implementing changes to help them as they age can be difficult, which is why I work with you and your vets to find the best solutions for your furry friends.

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I believe prevention is better than cure, and I'm able to offer a variety of services which contribute towards improving and maintaining musculoskeletal health and patient quality of life. I'm also here to work with your vets to support patients recovering from surgery or injury to help you get them back on their paws!

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Musculoskeletal Health and Maintenance.

We’ve all heard the saying “prevention is better than cure” and it’s the same for our pets! Inevitably small injuries, general wear and tear and poor posture can cause long term musculoskeletal compensations in the future, which can result in pain and potentially osteoarthritis. But as pet owners, how can we maintain our furry friends’ musculoskeletal health for as long as possible?

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Senior Pet Care.

Throughout both human and veterinary treatment, physiotherapy has been proven to be beneficial in providing drug-free pain relief, improving joint health and function, and maintaining or building muscle mass. All of this helps give your dog more years, and allows them to maintain a good quality of life so that you can continue making memories together. How can physiotherapy help your senior pet?

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Injury and post-operative rehabilitation.

Veterinary physiotherapy provides specialised care that not only aids healing but also restores functional movement and strength to your furry companions, improving their recovery time and overall well-being.

Click the button below to discover a wide range of specialized veterinary physiotherapy services, aimed at enhancing the well-being of your beloved pets. I am dedicated to providing rehabilitative exercises and therapeutic modalities to ensure your furry friends lead healthier, happier lives.